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Sankei Industry has pledged to maintain a fair workplace and healthy trade relationships and to conduct all business activities in accordance with internally formulated "compliance standards" to further improve corporate ethics.

Elementary School Factory Tour

img01Sankei organizes factory tours, primarily for local elementary schools, which is a rewarding opportunity to educate children about the significance of professional labor by giving them a fun and interesting look at the manufacturing process.

A Local Cleanup Activity

img02Companies operate within their local communities and thus rely on the cooperation and support of the community and local residents for smooth business operation. Building a strong positive relationship is crucial for the growth and development of both the busines and the local community.
Sankei actively strives to serve as a productive member of their local community.

Volunteer Activity

img03As volunteer activities have been recongized as a powerful means to improve society, companies also realize the importance of providing employees with opportunities to participate in such activities.

Sankei cooperates with an NPO supporting children with disabilities, and regularly involves employees in volunteer activities for the NPO as a part of their employee training program.

Sankei is consciously working as member of society to find ways to grow together.

Volunteer Activities Journal

Participating in a Music Concert Practice Session

imgbox_img02Staff from Sankei Industry, who visitied the day before yesterday, came back today (this time only female staff).

Upon meething the women for the first time, the kids looked nervous at first, but gradually became more comfortable and ended up having a lot of fun at the practice.

This concert’s program is Latin-American themed and will introduce new instruments (conga and bongo drums).

The percussion workshop PONPOKO is working hard preparing for the September 22 presentation at the Mutsumien Festival.

We thank the Sankei Industry staff for visiting again!

Helping with Jelly Making

imgbox_img01Today we made a cold orange jelly dessert. Melted gelatin was mixed with orange juice, then wrapped in plastic wrap and tied with a rubber band. After 10 minutes of cooling, it was ready to eat!

The process sounds easy enough, but when we stirred too fast there was liquid jelly spilling, and tying with with rubber bands proved very difficult. Still, we did our best, and the jelly turned out wonderful. Of course the kids ate every last bite! For today’s jelly making with the kids, we had help from young staff members of Sankei Industry, a company in Ritto. The kids were not used to being around such young adults, but despite some shyness, they still had plenty of fun. After some initial awkward discomfort, they warmed up and enjoyed cooking together.

Since last year, Sankei Industry staff have also helped with “Summer Holiday,” and we were able to meet today for a preliminary discussion. We’re gracious for the support they’ve shown in building local awareness of our event and our cause. Sankei Industry has also reached out to other companies, inviting them join as well. It would be great if there were more companies like Sankei out there!

A Fun New Experience for the Kids

imgbox_img03Today’s “Cherish” program activity involved using wooden chopsticks to make a rocket. In addition to chopsticks, the rockets also needed rubber bands, toilet paper tubes, and kite string. The rockets were easy to make, and flew further than we expected. The kids personalized their rockets by decorating with drawings and stickers.

Another good thing happened today! Young male staff members of Sankei Industry in Ritto also visited to play with the kids. They were clearly nervous due to little, if any, experience taking care of children, but they enjoyed playing together while respecting the children’s personalities. It was a fun time for the kids and the staff members alike.

Sankei Industry Conduct Compliance Standards

01Compliance with Laws and Norms

Executive officers shall fully understand and comply with the laws and norms related to business. In particular, business shall be conducted in adherence to company laws, labor laws, tax laws, local ordinances and other relevant regulations.

02Social Contribution

With recognition that companies could never develop without societal development, all employees shall be mindful of their civic duties and shall contribute to community development through appropriate business operations.

03Participation in Politics, etc.

The Company shall not participate in political or other activities that may cause misconception or controversy. Any employees who participate in such activities shall do privately and independently from the company.

04Global Commitment

In the development of business on a global scale, the Company shall comply with international rules as well as laws of each country, respect local cultures and customs, and take considerate precaution to avoid preventable problems.

05Environmental Care and Community Integration

Through active participation in local environmental protection activities, etc., the Company shall seek to balance its benefit with that of the local community to develop a cooperative coexistence with the community.