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Workshops on Human Rights and Labor Matters

img01Sankei values regulatory compliance as a critical part of social stability, legal observances, and business activities.

Sankei has defined minimum rules to be followed by companies as our “Code of Conduct,”which all Sankei employees are encouraged to observe. These rules include supply of safe products and services, support of free and fair competition, labor standards, disclosure of accurate information, and environmental standards.

All employees understand the significance of corporate legal compliance and focus on doing their jobs with awareness of the issue.

img02Companies have relations with people of varying ages, genders, personalities, backgrounds and careers. Sankei shall take utmost care to avoid judgement of people based on any such characteristic or discrimination against any person or group. As a “company that prizes people,” Sankei has defined our Code of Conduct to uphold universal human rights and respect them in business activities.
Sankei regularly holds human rights workshops. Respecting the value of each individual, Sankei strives to improve social interaction and establish a cooperative, productive, and comfortable work environment.

Sankei Industry's Initiative for Harmony Between Work and Family Life

  • The Company shall establish a corporate culture and system that encourages male employees to participate in child care, including a work approach considerate of such family obligations.

  • The Company shall develop a work environment in which female workers can take child care leave without anxiety, and a culture of awareness and understanding to smoothly facilitate this need.

  • The Company shall review work (and life) practices to encourage employees to take energy saving and environmental conservation measures in their workplaces as well as in their homes.

  • The Company shall strive to improve its role in the local community by contributing to child care.