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Since Sankei Industry was founded in Ritto, Shiga in September 1960, it has been growing steadily as an aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer (suspension and steering-related parts in particular) and continues to satisfy the demands of customers around the world. With the increase of Japanese auto exports in recent years, our 555 brand products have also experienced export growth, and are currently used as critical safety parts in more than 120 countries around the world, accounting for 98% of Sankei Industry's product supply. In August 1999, Sankei received ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems; since then Sankei has been committed to further improving not just quality, but every aspect of our day-to-day operations.

Company name SANKEI Industry Co.,Ltd.
Head Office and Plant 305, Takano, Ritto, Shiga, Japan 520-3045
Telephone +81-77-553-0555
Establishment September,1960
Capital Yen 48 million
Number of Employees 299 〔Number of Contract Employees (within Total) 61〕(April,2023)
Business Term Sales Volume
March,2017 Yen 13,232 million
March.2018 Yen 13,753 million
March.2019 Yen 13,534 million
March.2020 Yen 14,458 million
March.2021 Yen 11,720 million
March.2022 Yen 15,584 million
March.2023 Yen 17,404 million


Associated Companies
Gohsyu Corp. 1-1, 2-chome Ishibemidoridai, Konan-shi, Shiga Prefecture
Kyushu Seitan
Co., Ltd.
1230−40, Toyooka, Koshi-city, Kumamoto, Japan
JOHETSU INDUSTRIES. Co.,Ltd. 55-1, Kirisawa, Oguni-cho, Nagaoka-city, Niigata, Japan


Countries Where Our Brand is Registered The 93 of countries(Registered) The 16 of countries(Registration Pending)
Business Activity

《 Manufacture and Sale of Steering and Suspension Parts for Automobiles 》
Sankei deals in suspensions, steering and other key parts that impact automotive performance. We offer a wide range of items to meet the demand for parts designed for cars of any manufacturer, model, or age. Sankei can also accommodate small-lot orders.

Countries where our brand is registered 89 (Registration Pending) 17 Exporting Country 120 The Number of Items in the Product Line More than 2,000


1960.9 Established Goshu Seiki as the mechanical processing section of Gosyu Forging Co., Ltd. (now GOHSYU CORPORATION)
1962.10 Started production and sale of tie rod end, manufactured in the company. Brand name 555 (read as “Three Five”)
1963.1 Company name was changed to to Sankei Industry Co., Ltd.
1972.4 Obtained eligible plant certification from the Japanese Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).
1973.5 Obtained recommended parts certification from the Japan Automotive Products Association (JAPA).
1982.3 Constructed the second machine factory.
1985.9 Constructed the sixth and seventh factories.
1989.1 Added the sixth and seventh factories.
1995.11 Constructed a production technology factory.
1996.2 Established overseas affiliate, P.T.SGI (Indonesia), jointly with GOHSYU CORPORATION
1999.8 Received ISO 9001 certification.
1999.9 Completed construction of employee facilities (cafeteria, break room, recreation room, etc.)
2003.5 Added the office building for Quality Control and Design Engineering sections.
2004.5 Added the fourth and fifth factories.
2006.4 Released the medium-term business plan, “NEXT STAGE.”
2009.4 Released the second medium-term business plan, “Enhance Quality from the Customer Perspective.”
2010.5 Established overseas affiliate ” NORTH AMERICAN SUSPENSION INC.” in Chicago, USA.
2012.4 Released the third medium-term business plan, “CHANGE & POWER UP 555.”
2015.4 Released the forth medium-term business plan, “CHANGE & POWER UP 555 Ⅱ.”