Manufacturing | Manufacturing Technology "Made in Japan"

Matching precision machinery with skilled workers.

01 Machines and People

To remain competitive with international prices, Japanese manufacturers have to promote increased productivity through automation.

While modern manufacturing sites often utilize automated machines, much of the manufacturing process still relies on well-established technologies. Such technologies can be retained and improved upon only by the active involvement of skilled engineers throughout daily production activities and the ability pass their skills and knowledge on to younger engineers.

Sankei’s manufacturing site succeeds in upholing these practices.

Developing better products through constant improvements.

02 Production Control

At Sankei, all employees are in continuous pursuit of improvements and work on modifications every day. Production staff and engineers exchange ideas and initiate ongoing enhancements of production line efficiency.

Employees are proactive in applying their ingenuity and ideas to establish an efficient production environment.

Striving to develop new technologies.

03 Production Control

Companies that fail to change and improve over time cannot survive. Enhancing product value and establishing more efficient production methods are integral for success.

Sankei will adopt manufacturing technologies and production control methods that are lacking in other companies in order to develop more attractive products. Recognizing that the manufacturing method determines the product value, which links directly to customer satisfaction, Sankei will make every effort to develop new technologies.

"We will realize manufacturing of products that can be used with a sense of security."

04 Inspiration

Assistant Chief, Production Engineering Section Kuniyasu Kadono

Total transfer of manufacturing operations abroad will never happen at Sankei Industry, and we will maintain the production base in Japan.

With automation to optimize labor, our production lines continue to evolve.

For a company dedicated to build-to-order manufacturing, it is a major challenge to expediate product delivery. We are committed to shortening the time between purchase and delivery, while minimizing costs and still maintaining our high standards of quality.

Man-hour optimization is a necessary measure of survival for Japanese manufacturing, and it also helps save jobs. Therefore it is essential for all employees to improve their skills and contribute ideas allowing us to strengthen production capabilities and grow together. Sankei continuously enhances our technologies to realize the manufacture of products that our customers can use with a deep sense of security.