Quality | Quality to Endure the World's Most Severe Environments

In preparation for any extreme environment around the world.

01 Durability Testing

Our tests anticipate all types of environments.

Even uninhabitable conditions are accounted for in our product testing.

The data accumulated through these tests are invaluable to our company.

With this proactive attitude, under no circumstances will Sankei use expressions such as, "That was unexpected." Our Quality Control staff have the vital task of "expecting the unexpected."

  • Ozone exposure test apparatus to evaluate ozone resistance.

  • Controlled temperature and humidity test to evaluate rubber's resistance against weather (temperature and humidity) as well as against heat and cold.

Seeking precision to a hundredth of a millimeter.

02 Quality Check

When performance is measured, the values need to be "trustworthy."

Appreciation and understanding of a measuring unit's role, and efforts to maintain the precision of the measuring devices add credibility to the values displayed by the devices.

There is no shortcut to the maintenance of high precision.

We believe the maxim, "Walk with synchronous stride, breath, and pace." is especially vital during quality inspections.

Rigorous testing with persistence and tenacity.

03 Quality Check

Sankei's determination drives us to never settle for second best.

Where parts combine to form a product, the accuracy of each part is paramount.
Sankei always conducts audits and measurements with loyal adherence to our quality control ideals.

Accurate results are indisputable truths to be respected throughout the company.

"Quality control leads to technological improvement."

04 Inspiration

Chief, Quality Control Section Kiyoji Sakuragi

A product’s life is determined by its manufacturing process.

Producing consistently well-crafted products is a fundamental goal of Quality Control; we aim to prevent defects in all processes.

While "work standards" are established for this purpose, the standards are bound by the technical limitations of the time at which they are established.
Therefore, work standards must be repeatedly "verified and revised" on a timely basis to facilitate the advancement of technical capabilities.

Quality Control ultimately aims to ensure that only good products are produced and delivered without requiring inspection to remove defectives.
Meeting this ultimate goal would be extremely difficult without high technical capabilities and management efforts at the manufacturing site.

We believe the core function of the Quality Control Section is to keep searching for the best services for our customers and to ensure that our company can meet diversified demand with high levels of QCD.